1st April 2017

Currently working on:

  • New Pulselovers tracks for forthcoming A Year In The Country collections
  • Two different cover versions (originally by Duet Emmo and Non) for a double collection which pays tribute to the early output of Mute records
  • An all new live set list for Pulselovers gigs later in the year in Hull, Derby, Lincoln and more (details to follow)
  • Initial sketches for the second Pulselovers album, which will probably appear in 2018



New experimental piece which could potentially be incorporated into a future album track at a later date. Recorded on a rare Sunday afternoon when I had the house to myself. This piece was created using only the sounds of water dripping into a metal bowl in the kitchen.


Really enjoyed the second New Weird Planet event which took place at Doncopolitan H.Q. a couple of weeks ago. Craig and I played an unrehearsed improvisation to John's wonderful Super 8 loop projections. The piece consisted of John projecting two loops of found footage onto frosted windows, distressing the film with marker pens and razorblades. Craig provided a lo-fi techno soundtrack using his recently acquired trio of Korg Volca gadgets (Kick, bass and Samples), which I processed with various pedals, adding extra noise from my trusty home made paintbox and kalimba. It was only a 10 minute set, but the three of us enjoyed it so much that we intend on reproducing it at some point, recording it for posterity... this will probably get posted on YouTube later in the year.

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