Pulselovers: Live at Humber Street Sesh

Filmed by Nick Morfitt of NM & the No Man Band and layered with the back projections from the gig itself

Pulselovers: Endless Repeats/Eternal Return

From the A Year in the Country album From the Furthest Signals, this short film uses distressed Super 8 footage as supplied by Floodlights (with John's permission)... A short few seconds of anonymous memories layered, stretched and extended.

Pulselovers: Autumn Arrives

From the first PL album release in 2016. This short was created by super-8 enthusiast and music promoter John Alexander.

Pulselovers featuring Crypton Radio Club: It's All In The Detail

Remixed by Chris Newman of CRC before the track was complete (and before the lyrics were written). Quite different from the version that eventually appeared on the first PL album).

Pulselovers: Phantom Cinema Idents

Created for Doncaster's first cult film club. Film and logo by Nick Taylor

Mat+Handley: Drone #1

Drone piece taken from the collection 'M+H' available here.

Mat+Handley: Stealth

My first BandCamp release from December 2013. Buy here.

Voltage Controlled Music: Interdicted

A miniature interlude recorded on the 8th September 2014

Voltage Controlled Music: The Dignitas of Labour

Live and improvised on the 22nd October 2013 at West Street Live in Sheffield

Pulselovers: Noise From Under The House

Filmed and recorded in one take at home in the cellar.

Pulselovers: Two Many

Short clip which uses a single graphic image of waves processed through several filters in iMovie to provide a visual stimulus to a recording of a live drone improvisation.

Voltage Controlled Music vs Eigenfrequenz: Live at the Dada Bar, Sheffield 7th February 2015.

This gig was arranged by Jack Duckworth of Soft Riot and also featured minimalist electro-noir act Hausfrau on the same bill. The music was improvised with no rehearsal, but seemed to go down well with the half a dozen people who attended.

Voltage Controlled Music vs Eigenfrequenz: The First Dawn

The final track from the first VCM vs EF album 'Movements' which can be purchased here. Recorded and improvised in one take in 2013.

Voltage Controlled Music vs Eigenfrequenz: Thoughts of Impairment

Second track from the second VCM vs EF album 'Moments' which can be purchased here. 

Vamonos P: Cask in A

My collaboration with Craig Manga (recently renamed Lupus), and the first piece we did together. This started as a backing for our first aborted live appearance (which also happened to be the first time we actually met). From the EP Binary, which can be purchased here.

Pulselovers: Live at DEF#16

Shaky handheld couple of minutes worth of 'Last Day of Summer' as captured by Jan Doyle Band keyboardist Mike Stokes. 

Vamonos P: Live at The Woolpack, Doncaster 24th January 2015

The second attempt at doing VP live was not quite as bad as the first... but not much better. Laptops crashed, the PA was aweful and the audience were really not receptive to this kind of noise in a pub where heavy rock was/is the normal fare.

Mat Handley: Soundtracks

Recorded in the cupboard under the stairs in 1983. Number 5 was eventually recorded 'properly' for the first PL album in 2013.