1st March 2017

Coming up...

I'll be taking part in the second NWP event at Doncopolitan HQ in March. Not with Pulselovers unfortunately, but alongside Craig Manga and John Floodlights for a short set of improvised sound and film. Details below.

This time round acts include:


Zappa-esque lunacy from West Yorkshire, Jumble Hole Clough is a project by Colin Robinson to produce music influenced by the landscape, industrial remains and experiences around his home. Forgotten things half-hidden beneath the undergrowth.

Alongside the themes for imaginary puppet shows, there are e-bowscapes and krautish guitarloops, frazzled kraut jams, Clinton-style wig-outs, and always the most exploratory sound adventures up north.

Experimental Sonic Machines is Peter K Rollings from Lincoln. ESM began in 2010 & the name pretty much explains what it is. It started with whirring & clanging noises from attempts to make interesting instruments never seen or heard before & has developed into music machines using paper discs as programs, playing the basslines & rhythms that naturally emanate from Peter's imagination. And from his admiration for Tolkien, Star Wars & mediaeval mystery plays comes the visuality, the theatricality...he transforms into unknown beings & entities as the performance unfolds, & a life size silver robot - Ernie - bursts into electro-machanical life. Underpinning it is solar power, & power obtained from run-down cells...this is truly environment friendly, planet friendly creativity pushing ambitiously forward gig after gig. He baffled the judges of Britain's Got Talent, for this is pure musi, not some superficial trendy froth accompanied by cute pets. ESM's music is as old as the hills, primordial, profound, daring, risk-taking, & reaching ever further each gig, each unique, never to be repeated.

CRAWLFORM (Bradford)
Crawlform is Ms. Jessica Pink, both architect and destroyer of sound, and is presently in a state of flux. We catch her UK debut at her most interesting point of development, her larval stage. We don't know what to expect of this 'pink noise', except for one almighty head-hump. Jess promises "distortion addled beats, caterwauling echoes and overdriven sounds...and maybe a ukelele." Bring your open minds.

DOV is Nathan James Cantrill a solo dark psyche artist from Derby. His layered translucent distorted guitar contrails provide wonderous layers over which he melts vocals. This is soperific 'shoe-gauze' of the finest order, achingly slow, in which to lose ourselves. Music to swoon to.

Juxtavoices is a 25-piece antichoir which includes many familiar faces from Sheffield’s leftfield music, poetry and visual arts scene. Although the group performs structured scores, no fixed pitches are ever notated, and the group uses improvisation to shape the detail of the scores as the music progresses. Both trained and untrained voices are included. As well as playing normal concerts, the group is to be found in various unexpected public places as diverse as a bear pit, a library stairwell, a disused steelworks, churches and more conventional concert settings. It includes arrangements of poems by singers Christine Kennedy and Geraldine Monk and others by Samuel Beckett, Gertrude Stein and the grandmaster of sound poetry Bob Cobbing, with solo and collaborative compositions by Martin Archer and co-director Alan Halsey.
Juxtavoices is no ordinary choir. It's not an ordinary antichoir either. You've probably heard nothing quite like them before. Nor, they'll assure you, have they.

Azzurro Peaks is Mark Jones, an avant-garde singer/songwriter with translucent pop sensibilities. Over the last two years, Azzurro Peaks has been releasing low-key singles and EPs as well as sharing stages with the likes of the Fat White Family amongst others.
Latest release 'Leave It On The Island' is the kind of fidgety genre-defying record we all dream of. It is exploratory pedal-shaped dronefolk cosmiche of the finest order, with off-kilter acoustic guitar
tunings and yet hook-laden ethereal falsetto vocals. Azzurro Peaks stands on its own and should be applauded for doing so.

Scented Poetry is Viborg Vee, experimental artist combining fan-wafted aromatic poetry readings with generative ambientscapes.

MUTIL8 PROJECT feat. LUPUS vs MKO (Doncaster)
An audio-video-experiment in which looped Cine8 film is warped and distressed with sharpies, pins and sandpaper into kaleidoscopic abstraction by John Alexander whilst homegrown glitch-dronewerks are improvised over them by Mat+Handley and Craig Manga.

Very limited spaces on first come, first served basis. Links to tickets will be displayed here when available. Advance £3.50/ £5.00 on door (if still available).

Buy music...

'Pulselovers' by Pulselovers

'M+H' by Mat+Handley

'Live at Weird Garden' by Lupus

'Moments' by Voltage Controlled Music vs Eigenfrequenz