Somewhere to listen to some of the tracks that have appeared on compilations, or have just been posted randomly in the far corners of the web...


A few reluctant covers, mainly done for Derek Williams DEF compilations. 


Various pieces I've contributed to samplers, remix projects and benefit albums either as Pulselovers, M+H or in collaborative form.

Remixes / Reinterpretations

Friend's tracks which I've taken and turned into something else.

Odds and Sods

Collaborations and sketches which don't really belong anywhere else.

Ancient History

These tracks were recorded on cassette in 1983. I had no idea what I was doing, but I'd bought a Roland SH101, a Jen SX, a crappy drum machine and a couple of guitar pedals which I installed in the cupboard under the stairs in my parents house. One or two of these early 'compositions' have been reworked more recently, with one even appearing on the first PL album.