Collaborations: The Overload

The Overload

I came acquainted with Allan Murphy of Midwich Youth Club, Kehrschlife (and more recently The Polymer Cities) after asking him to master the tracks for the first Pulselovers album back in 2015. Allan is such a generous and helpful bloke, he ended up giving me all sorts of advice and tips that as a rank amateur, I would never have worked out for myself, and I credit him (amongst others) with making the album more than just a pipe dream for me. Anyway, as we struck up a virtual friendship, it became apparent that we shared very similar musical tastes as well as a similar outlook on life in general (somewhere between terminal pessimism and absolute apoplexy). It was almost inevitable that we would eventually collaborate on something. Over a period of six months, files were flying through the ether between Birmingham and Doncaster... exchanging sketches, melding ideas and offering critiques on each other's work until eventually we had something which sounded like nothing either of us had ever created individually, yet still retained recognisable elements of our own personal projects. Titled 'The Overload' the album was released on the 14th of July 2016. If you like your coldwave electronics slightly warped, but with melodies your milkman might whistle, you should try it.