6th February 2018

Currently working on:

  • Second submission of the year for A Year In The Country
  • Continuing to work on sketches for the second Pulselovers album


  • VCM gig with Derek Williams in Sheffield
  • Pulselovers gig at New Weird Planet 3 in Doncaster (expanded lineup). Tickets


Kraut Sketch

Recorded in one take a couple of Sundays ago. This is essentially me trying to get used to the Beatstep Pro with a view of possibly attempting a Pulselovers gig without a laptop. Here you can hear the Roland System 1, the MFB Dominion X and the BassStation 2 all synced up with the BSP with drums provided by Reason.

UnMute Vol 3 (Mutated)

This free download contains the Pulselovers remix of TwoVolt's version of I Start Counting's Lose Him plus 2 Totem's remix of both my Duet Emmo cover (Hill of Men) and Non cover (Mode of Infection) as well as TwoVolt's payback remix of H.O.M.

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