17th June 2017

Currently working on:

  • Another potential contribution for a forthcoming A Year in the Country collection (bringing the total to 4 this year)
  • Setlists for summer gigs in Doncaster (M+H, experimental drone/dark ambient POSTPONED), Hull (Pulselovers), Derby (Pulselovers) and Sheffield (with Derek Williams' VCM project)


  • Two new tracks (covers) on a new Mute Records tribute album: UnMute


Pulselovers at Weird Garden, Lincoln

My first gig of the year was at the wonderful Weird Garden in Lincoln curated by the brilliant Experimental Sonic Machines. This was a solo Pulselovers gig (i.e. without regular six-string maestro Tony Nicholson) which I think went down really well... I enjoyed it anyway. The set included 4 tracks from the first album as well as a couple which have recently appeared on the albums 'The Restless Field' and 'From the Furthest Signals', though in drastically different forms. Pictures will appear soon in the Live section. There's also an old school lo-fi, mono, hand held bootleg recording in my possession which I might post at some point.

Modulations by Curly Wurly

Lupus: Feed

Recreation of the piece improvised at New Weird Planet in Doncaster on the 24th March 2017.
This version recorded in one take on Sunday 30th April.
Free Download
Craig Manga: Volca Kick, Bass, Samples
John Alexander: Projectors, Sharpies, Sandpaper
Mat Handley: Paintbox, Kalimba, Bow, Knife, Pedals
Original lino cut by Rachel Horne

From The Furthest Signals (AYITC)

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